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Creating mini React's Hooks from scratch

12 July 2019 in javascript, react, react-hook

This is very much a transcription of Getting Closure on React Hooks by Shawn Wang. I found the video a very nice way both to brush up a knowledge about Closure and React hooks. So enjoy!

Rails OAuth with Twitter

06 February 2019 in rails

It had been an eternal struggling with me and OAuth since forever. I didn’t fully get how it works before. I first had to deal with Twitter authentication when I created Twlist (with Node and also Rails) And later on I when created Twit Media Grid I think I understand it a bit more.

"What's your proudest achievement?"

19 February 2016 in self

I was asked this question in an interview. I have created many pet projects so far, many that I liked and each has its own special charm, because these projects are generally to test new skills I’m interested in. But it did not take me long to realise my proudest one was Teeview.

Thoughts on OSX Mavericks

23 October 2013 in osx

Mavericks had been officially released. I installed in the next morning and started play around with it.

Installing PostgresSQL on Ubuntu 12.04

18 October 2013 in ubuntu

I had to find a new home for Teeview since its free plan was running full. So I would like it to use and external Postgres hosting on a VPS. So here’re simple processes to setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04. Enjoy!