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Installing PostgresSQL on Ubuntu 12.04

18 October 2013 in ubuntu · view history

I had to find a new home for Teeview since its free plan was running full. So I would like it to use and external Postgres hosting on a VPS. So here’re simple processes to setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04. Enjoy!

First, perform a quick update of the apt-get repository.

$ sudo apt-get update

Once apt-get has updated go ahead and download Postgres and its helpful accompanying dependencies.

$ sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Postgres is installed, now time to set a new password for postgres user.

$ sudo -u postgres psql

> \password postgres  # and type in a new password
> \q  # to quit postgres console

Move on to configure postgres.

$ cd /etc/postgresql/9.1/main
$ cp pg_hba.conf pg_hba.conf.bak.original  # backup default configuration
$ cp postgresql.conf postgresql.conf.bak.original

Enable remote access from any IP address (with password required). Add this line to pg_hba.conf:

host  all   all   md5

Allow TCP/IP socket. Modify this line in postgresql.conf


And restart Postgres after finish configuration.

/etc/init.d/postgresql restart

Also make sure you enable a firewall for Postgres.

$ sudo ufw allow 5432
$ sudo ufw status

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
5432                       ALLOW       Anywhere
5432                       ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)

And done! Now you have your Postgres running and can be accessed from any remote. Thanks to many posts help me setting all this up.

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