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Thoughts on OSX Mavericks

23 October 2013 in osx · view history

Mavericks had been officially released. I installed in the next morning and started play around with it.

At first glances I haven’t figured out any UI changes. I then immediately checked my development stacks if they still work. rbenv and nvm both seem to work well, I was able to run Rails and Node.js app like I could before. Just some reinstallation of nokogiri gem. Everything works just fine! Very glad with that.

Now there came random discoveries:

  • Launchpad and Show Desktop animation seems to be more slick. Don’t like this much.

  • Safari 7 scrolling has changed slightly, become somehow more ‘stirct’ to movements. Not sure I like this but should get used to it in no time.

  • ‘Open Link in New Tab’ has been moved to topmost in context menu. Great!

  • Thai font has become more crisp.

  • Auto ‘’ substitute with ‘’ and “” with “”

  • My favourite one, quick preview image (by tapping space) is zoomable now.

Just several reasons here could make me love this newly release. I have a thought that Apple still pays attention in these small user experience things, and that’s great. Even not many people might care, I do, and I’m really thankful for all of these.

<3 you Apple. Just keep doing great things.