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My (Old) Summaries on my Resume

26 May 2013 in self · view history

After I looked back at my skills, I decided to rewrite my summary on my resume. I read it and had a feeling that it seemes like a new-grad essay, very innocent. Here is what it was:

I have started my career life as a web developer just before I’ve graduated, beginning with HTML and CSS. At my very first stage I’ve read many tutorials, articles and blog posts, digging into some CSS frameworks e.g. Blueprint and 960gs. So I’ve started to put myself in standards and best practices, and Cross-Browser implementation has become my specialty since then.

Joining my first company gave me an opportunity to work with real programming languages e.g. C# and PHP, also JavaScript and jQuery. My role was a pure Frontend developer then.

At my second company I had chance to work in a huge team, there are many processes and documents. Agile methodology is applied to the team. I’ve become a Software Engineer more than just a Frontend guy. C# is still a dominant languages.

Meanwhile, for my own project, I’ve focused on JavaScipt techniques and theories, both client and server side. I have been impressed by Node.js and used it to create some tiny website along with CouchDB. I was fascinated by open-source communities, various framework, serious ones, micro ones, and the world of open API. I love these stuff.

Lately I’ve been interested in Rails, together with Rspec, Capybara and Guard to create an application with automated BDD testing.

From now on, I wish I could have a chance to contribute and be involved in those things. Working along great comrades sharing stuff we all interested. It has been and is always my dream to create a ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ things using new technologies.

Screw it. Let me try this again.

I am web a developer. Here are what I do on my weekdays,
some also happens on weekends.

Wake up. Read overnight emails, mostly are some newsletters
or issue/PR comments.

Breakfast, drive to work, watch some screencast or read some feed
from a phone, or just facebook if too lazy.

Arrive at my desk, continue a task, or grab a new one from
an issue tracker. Fix/comment on a Pull Request.
Discuss about ongoing issues. Implement the task, most of the time
this would be Rails thingies. I prefer frontend tasks
but also happy with backend stuff too.

Ship the code with unit tests and a nice code coverage.
It the would be strictly reviewed and commented by the gatekeepers.
Chat/help/being helped from friends if there is any problem.
Manage the code along with friends' branches, merge/rebase if needed.

Read some feed, blog posts, screencasts, while waiting a PR review,
or while having lunch. Regenerate power by playing Eight-ball games.
Get some table tennis matches after work.

After the office hours, if I'm not playing FIFA I would be doing
some freelance works or some personal projects.
Could be Rails/Node/PHP/.NET, depends.

Let's talk about non-techinal stuffs. I'm a poor guitarist.
Sometimes a photograher, a MF lover. I love playing soccer,
table tennis, swimming, and also have a humble archery skill.

Obviously this would again become outdated soon or later. Just want to put a milestone here that once I have slightly grown up. And see things in a bit different perspective, wider, deeper. Still a long and happy way to go from now.