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A Look Back at my Skills

09 May 2013 in self · view history

Well, I intended to write this post just about editors I have been using or had used before. But it went more like my whole skill, so I changed the topic /facepalm.

Speaking about editors, a wand of developers. I have use several of them since I began my job as a coder. Some are complex IDE, some are simple text editors. Let’s take some years back.


Skills: HTML, CSS + SASS,, PHP, JS + CS, Node, RoR.
Editors: Netbeans, VS2008-12, Sublime, Vim.

PS. For those who might wonder wtf these section headers are, I try to map my lifetime with my favourite childhood card game ;)

The Dark

I didn’t code anything when I was in highschool. I didn’t understand coding at all. There was a computer class by then assigned me some Pascal homework (I think It was Pascal .. can’t really remember) and some very basic HTML without any CSS.

Before I chose my major as Computer Science I was confusing between an archtect, an engineer, even a dentist. That time I was playing a MMORPG game and I was introduced a botting system (that was evil .. I’m sorry). I started configure some script and loved it. So I chose this CS major. Until this day, I know by myself I didn’t make a wrong choice ;)

Ice Age

Ahh once a CS freshies. In the first year there was a programming class coding some C basics using LCC-win32 and I think that was my first IDE. I didn’t understand anything, syntax ? compiling ? int void main() ? Everything seemed to be too scary.

The next language was Java using Netbeans 5 or 6 I guess, first met with OOP. Even I could perform in the exam quite well, I still didn’t really understand what programming is.


Later years in CS there was a Computer System class and I had a chance to write some Assembly scripts, but I totally forget the tools I used. Same as tools for OS, AI, Logic and Functional Programming classes, I remember once I wrote Haskell and Lisp, but don’t know how. Netbeans was still there used to write Java applets in Computer Graphics class.

I did my senior project in Computer Vision field using Matlab. That was really weird for me right now, as a Web Developer. Since then I havn’t had a chance to work in this field anymore, and I’m happy with that.


I was graduated! But sadly I couldn’t write any solid usable program. So I applied for a doctoral scholarship. (Un?)fortunately I was rejected and become lost. At that time my friend @chakrit and some others were working at the startup company. Thus he invited me to join.

I was taught to write some basic frontend before, so I became a frontend guy at the company.

My life with web development has begun by then.

.. And also my relationship with M$ Visual Studio, 2008 by that time.


At the time being, grid-based CSS frameworks were becoming polular. I studied Blueprint and tried to understand the idea. And based on that, I created my very first framework, the Draftsman’s grid. I have learnt most of my skills from Nettuts, David Walsh, Chris Coyier and other blogs as well.

Apart from MVC (C#) (beta or 1) projects, which were company’s cores, I also responsibled in some PHP projects. I used CodeIgniter in Netbeans for PHP and it worked great, though quite slow but acceptable.


After a year I left my first company and joined a bigger one, much bigger. I was still a frontend guy but this time the UI team I was in use WebForm.

Couple of months passed and the company upgraded VS from 2008 to 2010. Seriously, I had hard times with the IDE since the solution was very huge and complex, and my machine got only 2Gb RAM. VS2010 usually hangs up and crashed when I started multitasking. Things got slightly better when boosted up to 4Gb (whlist WinXP could only use 3.xGb) but sometimes with 3+ times hang-in-a-row I just want to throw something.

Meanwhile I became interested in JavaScript much more. I had been written some jQuery since first company. But in the project it used Prototype.js, some RC or beta version. I upgraded it to 1.7.x and learnt some lessons along the way. I found out that, for me, many JS fundamental were hard to understand and remember, so I started blogging about them.

Blogging has become really helpful for me since then.


I decided to bought myself my first Macbook. The reason was because I had been reading articles about JavaScript and discovered Node.js. I really wanted to try them out. At when I was diciding to buy it turned out my sister needed a laptop for her homework, so I gave her my old one and bought the beloved Macbook. And began to fall in love with Unix.

After Node.js I wanted to try our more things. What is NoSQL ? Just try it, MongoDB, CouchDB. CoffeeScript ? Sounds nice, try it. I wrote some simple Django and Ruby on Rails projects. At that time I heard about a company hiring a Rails guy, I was interested, and got myself deeper in Rails.

Gah I totally forget about Editors. One stupid reason for me to but a Mac is I wanted to use TextMate. I tried it trial, nice, and swtich to Coda, hmm quite well too. But I don’t want to pay for a license. Then there was Sublime 2, which I thought its package management is really awesome. So it became my main editor in OSX.


Three years with C#, I decided to leave it. I joined the Rails company and became much more serious about Rails, and the web technologies.

So much things to learn everyday, Heroku is my hosting choice also with self-managed VPS on DigitalOcean. CI service by TravisCI, special thanks for deploying this blog!

I have become more familiar and prefer Git and Version Control system (I also prefer GUI based with SourceTree. SVN is also fine, if I have to. I use BitBucket for private projects, GitHub for open sources, and Unfuddle for SVN.

Since I have a good feeling with console using iTerm2, one crazy day I forced myself to drop Sublime and began using Vim. I want to use it for a long time but I couldn’t, always fell asleep when reading tutorials. This time I tried to use it in a daily processes. With a help from my genius friend @chakrit I slowly get used to it more and more. Now I even have my own dotfiles. I’m very happy that I’m happy with Vim.


For now Rails is my first weapon of choice, follow by Node.js, PHP, and still MVC I guess. Many should come by and I’m still happy with this wab development thingy eveyday. It’s good to recall old memories and take a look back what I have done in this career path. And I have a thought with myself that I’ll keep going, higher and higher everyday.

The sky is a limit, developers.