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SendGrid + Devise on Heroku

01 May 2013 in Devise, Heroku

Let’s say I have a subdomain and I want to configure SendGrid and Devise in Heroku, here are things to be done.

Heroku and Unicorn

29 April 2013 in Heroku

Yeah that rainbow Unicorn. I want to blog this for a while but I was too lazy. I have been using Unicorn since I built my own VPS, AppWaker got the first shot. I also need concurrent connections on Teeview as well, so I came across some nice articles.

Handmade Timestamp Service in OSX

28 April 2013 in OSX

When I need to test a form while developing, I was really bored and too lazy to think of some text to fill in any text input. Things like dasdsa or sajklhdas are too messy, and even though I have LittleIpsum installed it still takes too many clicks and mouse dragging. There must be a better way. I thought about using a timestamp.

Heroku and Travis

27 April 2013 in Heroku, Travis

The story was this, I would like to have a CI to get my code from GitHub, maybe run some test, and deploy it to Heroku. So I could commit to one place (master) and everything would be set up. Travis is very handy in this, but require some configurations.

Travis to the rescue

26 April 2013 in Travis

One thing I don’t like about Octopress it requires too much steps to write a single blog post. You have to: