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"What's your proudest achievement?"

19 February 2016

I was asked this question in an interview. I have created many pet projects so far, many that I liked and each has its own special charm, because these projects are generally to test new skills I’m interested in. But it did not take me long to realise my proudest one was Teeview.

Thoughts on OSX Mavericks

23 October 2013 in OSX

Mavericks had been officially released. I installed in the next morning and started play around with it.

Installing PostgresSQL on Ubuntu 12.04

18 October 2013 in Ubuntu

I had to find a new home for Teeview since its free plan was running full. So I would like it to use and external Postgres hosting on a VPS. So here’re simple processes to setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04. Enjoy!

Lookbehind / Lookahead in Vim

15 August 2013 in Vim

Vim is just powerful, sometimes you might want to replace your code from something to everything or someone. This is, matching the whole (or partially) of a string and replace (partially) of the string with another word.

How does Trello access the user's clipboard ?

15 August 2013 in Javascript

This is definitely a wise UX way, using user behavior. It’s an answer to a question on StackOverflow from Daniel LeCheminant.