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How does Trello access the user's clipboard ?

15 August 2013 in Javascript

This is definitely a wise UX way, using user behavior. It’s an answer to a question on StackOverflow from Daniel LeCheminant.


07 June 2013

My (Old) Summaries on my Resume

26 May 2013

After I looked back at my skills, I decided to rewrite my summary on my resume. I read it and had a feeling that it seemes like a new-grad essay, very innocent. Here is what it was:

A Look Back at my Skills

09 May 2013

Well, I intended to write this post just about editors I have been using or had used before. But it went more like my whole skill, so I changed the topic /facepalm.

Devise user confirmation testing in development

02 May 2013 in Devise

I want to test Devise’s confirmable feature in local development, so I need a way to locally send & receive emails. Got this technique from this post. I’d like to paste it here.